VOIP forced through VPN

  • I have successfully followed the tutorial here:
    and got my PIA VPN all setup and working wonderfully.

    However what I want is slightly more elaborate of a setup.  I would like my general LAN devices all going out clearnet and only my VOIP device going out via PIA VPN.

    I altered the LAN firewall allow all rule to specify the WAN gateway, this works fine.
    I then made another rule under LAN specifying the source as the static IP of my VOIP device with LAN Net as the destination, and PIAVPN as the gateway.

    I altered the IP of my laptop to verify this was working correctly and it was.

    However when I placed my VOIP device into the mix snort is blocking IPs from my VOIP service from hitting the static IP of the device.  But to my understanding if I have this configured right there should be no clearnet IPs trying to reach the static IP at all, only the IP of my VPN.
    Is this a correct assumption?

    So just to clarify this is what I want:
    LAN -> WAN (clearnet)
    VOIP (static IP) -> PIAVPN (OpenVPN service)

    I tried making some more rules to block all traffic to/from PIAVPN except for the static IP and also to allow all traffic except the static IP to the general WAN.  This just messed things up so I reverted back to the original rules.

    To be honest being fairly new to pfsense I am not sure where my rules need to go to acheive this without leaks.  Under LAN, WAN, PIAVPN, or OpenVPN.

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