LAN and WAN access slows down to crawl

  • I replaced old WRT54G router with pfSense in a VBox VM. The VM has 500MB ram for itself and is running in AMD-V mode on a quad-core A5-4000 1.5Ghz CPU. There are 1-2 clients on the LAN networks.

    Most of the time, this setup works fine. I can go to and get 20-30MB/s up/down simultaneously on two machines.

    However, when I run btsync with transfers above 1MB/s, my connection slows to a crawl, no matter if it goes through WAN, or is just between two machines on LAN (actually, it is slightly worse on lan, even though speeds are slightly lower).
    Ping to gateway go from 2ms to even 2000ms. I never had such issues on my old router and it had mere 200Mhz CPU and 16MB ram.

    There are no additional packages enabled on pfSense, except for RRD Summary. CPU usage on pfSense status page hovers between 1-20%, RAM usage tops at 50%.

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