New to Pfsense need step by step docs to setup a simple network

  • Im in a Linux admin class and want to basically setup a  desktop lab using visualization so that I can setup services between  virtualized Ubuntu, Centos and Windows boxes.

    I have loaded Pfsense in a VM, but I cant find a Howto that tells me the steps to set it up with VMPlayer.

    I dont want to focus on the network. I will be setting up a very simple network one router, two switches each in their own vlan and use some a simple routing protocol between the Vlans / switches.

    Thanks for the help !

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    You would setup pfsense just like any other OS, I don't think vmplayer has the functionality of networking that would allow full use of pfsense.  Workstation would, esxi does for sure.

    So these other oses will be VMs also running on player?

    And your lan would be pfsense wan?  This would be bridged to the same network your PC your running player is on.  Then the lan in pfsense would be a host only network, and your vms would be connected to this.

  • Unless you absolutely must use VMware Player, I would instead recommend Virtualbox.  I've used pfSense with VMware Workstation, ESXi and Virtualbox and they all work well enough.  Virtualbox has some useful features that VMware Player doesn't have.

    Otherwise, it's a simple matter to install pfSense in a virtual environment.  Come back if you have specific questions.

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    Yeah the networking support in virtualbox is lightyears beyond what the simple player is, atleast last time I played with player.

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