PfSense-2.2-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd-vga.img no install option?

  • I've got one of these Tranquilnet devices, the PFW201 with a 4 GB flash card:

    It came preinstalled with pfSense I forget what version.  Yesterday I tried an auto-update and something went wrong, the device failed to boot after.

    So I grabbed the pfSense-2.2-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd-vga.img and wrote it to a USB drive with the Win32DiskImager tool.

    It boots off the USB stick, but during boot, it never paused with Press I to invoke installation.

    Once booted to the menu, I don't see the option 99 to install that I've seen in the past when installing pfSense.  Furthermore, if I put 99 in anyway, it fails with

     env: /scripts/lua_installer: No such file or directory 

    Am I missing something?  How do I install onto the flash card?

  • Installing pfSense - PFSenseDocs

    • NanoBSD: Embedded install type using the serial console by default

    • NanoBSD+VGA: Like NanoBSD, but uses the VGA console instead.


    The downloaded image must be written to target media before it can be used. For a Full Install, this media is used to boot and install and then will not be needed again, and for LiveCD it will remain connected to the firewall. For Embedded, the target media is the disk (CF/SD) that will contain the Operating System.

    You probably need to follow the last section in the following document if you cannot move internal storage somewhere you can write to it:
    Writing Disk Images - PFSenseDocs

  • Oh wow, that's weird.  Now I need to figure out how I'm going to mount that compact flash device, I don't have anything to connect that to other than this little PFW201.  I guess I'm gonna try to boot mini WinXP off a USB stick and try running the Win32DiskImager tool directly on that machine.


  • Maybe try with this.

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