• I am very new to PFSense, but have successfully configured everything in test environments using a wide range of IP addresses and subnet masks.  However, our production network uses 10.x.x.x (specifically 10.250.x.x/19 at one site), and 10.x.x.x is not reachable on any of the interfaces (including even when assigned by DHCP).  I have cleared the Block private networks and reviewed other options, but it still will not allow me to connect to the web interface or ping the interface.  It does allow me to ping external ips (connected PCs) from PFSense, but not the reverse.

    Please help me understand what I am missing and thanks for helping me.

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    Without knowing exactly what settings you placed on the interfaces, rules, etc, it's impossible to say.

    There is no problem specific to 10.x.x.x or any specific numbered network when used on any interface of pfSense, aside from the "block private networks" or "block bogon networks" matching some of them. With those options disabled, unless you have created an invalid, overlapping, or otherwise broken network configuration, it should work.

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    I don't understand the need to hide this "specifically 10.250.x.x/19"

    Are you saying you have multiple 10.250.x /19 networks?  like,,

    As jimp has stated without some actual details of what your doing have no idea, do you have these multiple /19s on some downstream switches?  What exact IP address do you have on the pfsense interface connected to this segment, and what specific rules do you have?

  • It has to be end user error…I'll start again and provide more details, if it doesn't work.

    Thank you for being kind.

  • I did confirm the issue was on my end, although I am completely baffled as to what happened other than fatigue.  It  likely deals with my confusion over bridging and adding a third nic to the mix.  Thanks again for the help.

  • Do you have a practical reason to be using /19s?

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    Do you have a practical reason to be using /19s?

    And bridges?