Pppoe with fix IP and username and password to authenticate not possible

  • hi

    my isp offering me pppoe with static ip also username and password, i found that impossible to use this combination in pfsense, in ppoe mode the static ip place disapear, any way to work this arround?

    thanks in advance for the help

  • Are you sure that your ISP with "static IP" does not mean that you still get your IP dynamically, just everytime the same IP?

    (as how you can configure with pfSense that a client always gets the same IP)

  • yes i am sure, i also discussed this matter with them, if i can access with my username and get the ip according to that, or use pptp or get my ip according to my mac adress,  they reply by no u have to put the ip manually.

    thanks for your reply

  • forget to mention that i did it with speed touch dsl modem, but i prefer to have done with pfsense box for more flexibility.

  • pfSense doesn't support such a config and this is such an edge case (actually I have never seen a provider using it this way here in germany at least) that there most likely won't be support for it (we can't even test such a thing as we don't have access to such a line). Maybe google how this could be done in stock freebsd and try to hack that support in by yourself or manually modify conf files.

  • Yeah hoba's tips would be the first way to go. If that fails you may want to consider changing isps.  When they ask why tell them!

  • hi

    i did change my isp really and back to the previous one  :D still one more problem bugging me here, it is squid upstream proxy not working with pfsense, and most of the isp here wants us to use it when connection becomes bad, well one day might work


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