Port forward over IPsec VPN

  • Hi

    I have 2 sites which have an IPsec VPN between them which works fine, routing between the sites OK. I am trying to create a port forward from Site 1 to a machine in Site 2 (port 80), to enable it to be accessed through the public IP of site 1. Can anyone please assist, I have tried creating port forwarding rules and outbound NAT rules to no avail..


  • Hi russ,

    I'm not sure to understand what you are trying to do but I think you should look at a diffrent aproach.

    I think your best approach should be to use public IP address on site 2 instead of using NAT through IPSec.

    By design, your traffic will not be able to reach your computer at site 2 and go back to your client that used the internet from site 1.  Traffic on the way back from your computer to the client will go out to internet at site 2 instead of using site 1 public IP address.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You can do that with OpenVPN but I'm pretty sure you can't do it with IPSec.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It can be possible with IPsec but you have to force all traffic to/from the target box over IPsec. For example, on the side receiving the Internet traffic, you'd have a P2 for to the NAT target (e.g. and then on the other side you'd have a P2 for to So all traffic to/from the Internet on must go over IPsec, which is not ideal.

    OpenVPN can do this in a much more flexible way without that requirement.