Install fails after restoring configuration using AutoconfigBackup

  • Second time I try this and it fails.

    pfSense 2.2

    Hard drive failed.
    Replaced hard drive and installed pfsense.
    configured nics.
    Installed package.
    Restored a backup from yesterday.

    Firewall reboots.
    Gets to configure firewall then hangs.

    Last time I tried this is also hung at the same spot.

    What is it that I am doing wrong?

  • I take it the config is from a pfSense 2.2 system and you're restoring to the same version? When you say it 'hangs', do you see anything on the console at that point? Any chance you could take a screenshot or a photo of console at the point where it stops?

  • Yes, its 2.2 to 2.2

    First time it was 2.2 i386 to 2.2 amd

    It stops at where it says configuring firewall..  I think.

    Basically, for me the autoconfigbackup function is broken.
    Happened twice on this system and once on a different system.

  • Well, if you post a shot of the console at the point where it stops maybe it might be possible to see what the problem might be.

  • does anyone know if this even works?

    Is there a certain way this is supposed to be restored?