• Hi All,
    I upgraded to 2.2 about a week ago, and after the upgrade, it would not pass traffic.    I didn't read the release notes that said to to a upgrad from the earlier version you needed to uninstall the optional modules :(

    I'm going to try to back up the config, reset the box and reload the config - and reinstall if that fails.

    Before I do all that, I'd like to ask and see if anyone out there has any suggestions on how I can recover.  When I go through the config menu's, all the entrie's are there.  If anyone has any hints, please pass them along.

  • Restore the full backup you made prior to upgrading
    Install fresh and then restore your config.xml backup

    If you don't have a full backup or a config backup of your previous install then you're screwed.  If you are a paying support customer and have the AutoConfigBackup package installed, then you maybe able to restore based on that but I've never used AutoConfigBackup to restore a previous version's config file or if it's even possible.

    Otherwise you can make a config.xml backup with package information removed (it's a checkbox) and then do a restore and manually add/configure your packages.