Traffic Shaping /w Squid proxy problem

  • Now I configure Traffic Shaping through the wizard with Squid proxy disabled and everything works perfectly, I configure HTTP to lower priority and my bandwidth does not reach above 170 kilobytes.

    Now I enable Squid proxy and it ignore my Traffic Shaping rules and my bandwidth reach above 200 kilobytes.

    Is there a way to fix this, how to apply my rules in Traffic Shaping for Squid proxy?

  • What are your rules?

  • I don't think you can fix this.  From what I understand, you can only shape traffic leaving an interface.  When Squid makes an HTTP request on your behalf, the requested data enters the WAN interface at whatever rate your ISP provides you.  Squid will download via WAN at full link speed to its cache and then dribble the data out to you on LAN based on whatever shaping rules you may have.