Bandwidth usage, and top sites visited

  • Hello

    After toying some With Squid3 and LightSquid, I got a monitoring service up and running. While this captures the amount of HTTP traffic up and Down, it still lacks some of the services i'm after.

    The report from LightSquid tells alot, but its rather messy imo.

    I tried installing Bandwidhtd, but that didnt work properly, and I gave up (mostly after struggling With Squid and LightSquid for a couple of days).

    What I'm really after is a package or something that records all outgoing traffic, not just HTTP traffic. I don't need specific usage per IP-address, but more of a total bandwidth usage, and top sites visisted, types of files downloaded.

    Astaro / Sophos UTM solves this in a Nice manner (if anyone here is familiar With the Product)

  • One solution is to stick Untangle in bridge mode inline with PFsense and your network.  This would give you the opportunity enable a content filter and will also have the reports you are looking for…top sites visited, top offenders, top blocked sites, top web browsing hosts, etc, etc.

  • So you're thinking WAN -> Pfsense -> lan-link -> Untangle -> LAN?

  • Exactly….  WAN -> PFsense -> Untangle -> LAN

  • Untangle Works like a charm! Thanks alot

    Of course looping my vSwitch was a part of my setup, so had to tweak it abit after advice on the untangle forums :)

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