VPN/2nd Hard Drive Questions

  • Hello all,

    First, thanks to the developers of pfSense. I'm currently configuring my first pfSense server and I'm really excited to finally have the power of a real firewall with Snort at my disposal. I have a few questions because I have to configure my box offsite. I'm trying to configure my rules like my existing firewall so it's pretty much plug and play.

    1. I'm configuring my pfSense FW in bridge mode. As long as I assign a public IP to the WAN port, I can assign public IPs to the clients behind the pfSense box and it will pass through transparently correct? This is how my current firewall works and I'd like to keep this behavior. Does Snort still work in this mode?

    2. I have a Microsoft PPTP VPN server that will be behind the pfSense box. I went to the VPN -> PPTP section, and told it to redirect incoming traffic to my VPN server. Do I need to create a firewall rule? The instructions I read said a rule is autocreated (I don't see one), but the image links in the doc were broken.

    3. I am running this on an IBM xSeries 306m with SATA drives. BSD bypasses the Adaptec HostRAID, so I didn't bother configuring fake-raid via the controller; I just installed to normal-mode SATA drives. Is there a way I can (either manually or automatically) image the entire drive over to the 2nd, identical drive, for failover in the event that my primary drive dies?

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