Aopen DE3250 Dual Lan Mini

  • Been looking to buy this box for a pfSense MiFi with 2 wifi modules and a 4G modem. Has all the slots i need but i dunno about using a SD card for boot. Always been a CF fanboy….

    Cons:Realtek Ethernet
    Pros:7.5W power draw both 12V and 19V

    I see these on ebay for 275 bucks. Tax refund time so i need a treat.

    Documentation is bad though. Manual doesn't show anything useful. Manual also says 1 full slot and one mini and mentions MSATA. Which could imply one of the full Mini-Pci-e slots is M-SATA and maybe exclusively. Hard to tell without pictures.

  • Add to the cons: No AES-NI, Dual HDMI, SD slot instead of cFast

  • For all their cons, they do seem to be nice rugged boxes that work fine as only and you're not going to do constant heavy AES.
    Regarding HDMI: you could just disable those ports and maybe desolder them. Plug the holes, add SGABIOS via an OpROM loader and do everything using RS-232.

    The problem with those rugged integrated kits is that there are as far as I know always purpose-built which makes repurposing them for something else either slightly flawed or in need of some hardware hacks.

    Now, since you are talking about MiFi, I can only assume you are going to be mobile with this thing. The fact that it has a DC power jack makes that pretty easy, as you can basically use any common power source, including batteries. Due to its size and lack of break-off parts (it's pretty much just a brick), it'll probably live quite long as long as you don't take it for a swim.

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