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    This could be a silly question but I need to get myself clear, I've read the pfsense docs about traffic shaping and used the wizard to setup mine, the problem is currently I have 65 users connected to two wan links, 1024 KBPS and  1500 KBPS, if one user download a big iso file and another try to get his mail at the same time, how do I avoid that the first one don't disrupt the second or another user trying to browsing the Internet?.

    My network is quite simple, all the users and services are on the same subnet. In the Setup connection speed and scheduler information for interface for each WAN I've used 950 KBPS for download and 450 KBPS for upload, set the HTTP/HTTPS/DNS with high priority and lower setting of P2P traffic to 2%.

    If someone has an example or simple explanation in any doc, tutorial, howto, etc and could share with me here it would be great!.

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  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It all really boils down to being able to match traffic with rules.

    In most cases you do one of three general things:

    Put all traffic in the default queue and put certain traffic in priority queues.

    Put all traffic in the default queue and put certain traffic in penalty queues.

    A combination of both.

    My advice: start simple, get familiar with how it works, then add targeted rules and queues to solve specific problems.

    In your example I would suggest the first option because your mail traffic should be pretty easy to identify with floating rules and put in a priority queue.  Everything else would yield to that traffic if present.

    With 65 users and 2.5Mbits total I would imagine your usage is pretty much maxed a lot of the time.  Shaping should help but the real answer is probably a bigger pipe.