Remotely enamble disable rule

  • Hi

    I have a HA system in my house and a very small limited internet connection.  One thing I have enabled is rules that block the kids devices from the internet because they just don't get it.

    Occasionally they need access for things such as homework.

    What I want to do is be able to enable and disable rules remotely via the HA system.  Is there a way to do this at all - SNMP?

    I know this may cause a security issue, but doing it from the web interface is not something that family members are cable of dealing with.  If I do it from the HA system I can put a password on the button to turn it back on to prevent the kids from doing it themselves


  • OK, looks like no one knows how to do it.

    I had a thought last night.  In the firewall rules page there is the little enable button which is what I assume is a httpget request to the server. (could be a post request?)

    Now if I take this link and paste the URL into the browser directly, I don't expect it to work because I am not logged in.

    I tried adding http://user:pass@<pfsense>…... but that did not work either.

    Does anyone know how I can get the url to toggle the rule from enable to disable to work directly from a httpget request directly.



  • Yes - Log in with a vpn, go to your firewall rules and enable or disable whichever rules you like remotely…

  • Currently there is no pfSense scripting API.

    Even if you could flip the check box state via a GET request, I believe the change would still have to be applied to the firewall before becoming active.

    You could write a PhantomJS script that would login to the Web GUI and make the change.

  • Are you still looking for a solution to this?

  • I doubt it. This post is four years old, and that user has not logged in since November 2017.

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