Resolver stops working when trying to block ads

  • I am attempting to block domain names of advertisers.  all of the yoyo list.

    I am trying to test it in the advanced section of unbound.  and once I add one of these sites and click apply settings
    the resolver is going red.  and won't start.  not sure where the log files are located.

    I am attempting to follow the instructions I have found.

    local-zone: "" redirect
    local-data: " A"


    local-zone: "" redirect
    local-data: " A"

    and I even added the
    before my list too.  and never seems to function properly.

    any ideas.

  • Weird…  once I ask for assistance.  i messing with it again.. and verified.  and the darn thing seems to be working.

    not sure what the deal is. but nevermind (for now)

  • Banned

    You cannot redirect to URL… WTF is 1x1.gif  :o This is a DNS server, not a proxy.

  • Look at pfblockerng, it handles all this for you with a few simple clicks

    Arghh, sorry.  this feature isn't in the mainline yet…..soon hopefully