Loadbalanced and failover multiwan, all ok except ftp reflection

  • (first sorry for my english)

    my new test conf here

    A=multpiple ip
    B,C,D=one isp assigned ip

    pf configured multiwan
    -loadbalanced to B,C,D (for clients)
    -failover to A>B>C>D (for servers)
    -nat to A ext. ip's to ftp, www and mail servers
    -nat reflection enabled
    -ftp helper not disabled
    -added lan all proto to and 8000-8030.

    and now

    -clients to outside internet ok
    -clients to ftp,www,mail servers with internal ip ok
    -web, mail and ftp servers traffic to outside ok
    -outside to www,mail and ftp servers ok

    clients to ftp servers (external ip) not nated.

    any idea?

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