Completely Disable Console Output

  • Hi,

    i've a pfsense full install on CF card running on Alix2.c3

    How can I completely disable output to serial port?

    I tried modify /etc/ttys removing ttyd0 reference but bootup log always appear :-(

    Thanks in advance

  • Why is System -> Advanced then Disable console menu not enough?

    Did you unpick "This will enable the first serial port with 9600/8/N/1"

    Maybe edit /boot/loader.conf to
    set console="nullconsole"

  • That will disable the autologin and the menu but the other systemoutput will still be there.

  • In fact I tried unpick "enable serial console" but as Hoba states the systemoutputs are still there!

    so there's no way to disable it completely?

  • None that is supported through the webgui at least.

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