CARP with single WAN - gateway packet loss

  • Hello,

    I have problem with Gateway packet Loss since I configured CARP in my environment.

    I have such configuration:

    • 1 WAN Fiber with single external IP
    • 1 WAN DSL with 3 external IP ideally for CARP, but this link is slow.

    I configured it in such way:

    • WAN Links are connected to switch with differents VLANs:
      – fiber WAN with VLAN13
      -- DSL WAN with VLAN14.

    This is how I see that:

    I have configured gateways, gateways groups with those WAN's so it will be load balanced. It was working without carp flawless (I think it is still working).

    –- Now about CARP
    I've configured CARP according to pfSense WIKI and it looks that everything works as expected.
    I have setup NAT my WAN to my gateway address so it can connect to Internet and everything is working...
    Only problem is that since than I have packet loss at ~20% level with both providers and I really don't think that both providers would failed.

    Where can I look for some bugs with config; I don't have any CARP logs, only info that some gateway is down...

    Thank you for any help :)

  • It seems, that one provider had failed and it is working now.
    Unfotunately some users have "blackouts" from time to time for about ~5 minutes.
    Do you think it could be problem with outbound NAT or where should I look?