Huawei e5372

  • Please support me in order to install huawei e5372 on pfSense 2.2 release; please note that the device it is not identified after I attached IT to the box (also after restart) - no cuaUx displayed in webUI, no new file for the modem in /dev.
    On the other hand, the modem works fine on Windows machines or like a hotspot.

    What shoud I do?
    It is possible to manually install the device?

    NOTE: the modem model is listed in pfSense Known 3G-4G Modem List!

  • Maybe it is supported by usb tethering? Is there an USB jack of any kind on the device? Usually it would show up as UE0 device in the Interfaces list. The WAN IP and DHCP handled by the "modem".
    Should be seemless. Maybe you need to turn on tethering in a device menu?

  • Newer devices like this show up as USB Ethernet. Not cuaUx.x like older interfaces. Check your interfaces, you should have a UE0 device. Assign to interface and you should be good to go.

  • Thank you, Phishfry for your suggestions!

    1. USB tethering for Huawei e5372 is not supported (no configuration option for).

    2. The devices, yes, have a USB port (mini-USB); anything is connected well between the box and modem.

    3. In pfSense Interfaces >> (assign) I have only my networks card (2 cards: 1 LAN, 1 WAN).

    4. "you should have a UE0 device" - please let me know where to check?

  • In the WebGUI go to tab at top named Interfaces(assign)
    Then go to an empty interface at ehe bottom of the list and check pick your UE0 from the drop down combo box…Pick UE0 and click plus button to add/save new interface.

  • Hi and thanks for your quick response!

    No empty interface or please suply more detailed information. Check the prnScr:

  • I am not going yo be much help as I have no experience with that device. A user here wrote some basic troubleshooting stuff that may help you. Some of the information may be stale but usable. Ignore the ppp.conf information. PPP Stuff has changed since this was written. MPD5 is now used.
    Possible issues could be unsupported module or bad modem script.

  • Thank you for support.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You may have an option for USB tethering in the device gui. The one I have (E5220) only appears as an ethernet device once it's turned on.
    Plug it in, turn it on. Give us the lines that appear in the system log when you do that.


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