Port forwarding from http traffic lan to wan

  • Hi, need a little help…. I have a two internet connections, a DSL connection 203.x.x.x and any http traffic that is pointed to that address from the net is port forwarded to (the pfsense lan) by the DSL router, I want to forward this to my other connection which has a web server on it (202.x.x.21)

    DSL  router  lan  -------------->  lan    PFSENSE BOX  wan    ------>  webserver
    203.x.x.x        202.x.x.25        202.x.x.21

    if I plug into the lan on the DSL router I can get out to the net ok via DSL
    if I plug into the lan on the PFSENSE box I can get out there ok as well
    The rules in the DSL router are pretty basic, and I'm 95% sure I've got those right, I had several attempts at configuring nat rules in PFSENSE, but to no avail.....

    Any ideas?

    I know that PFSENSE can do load balancing etc, but this is not practical in this situation, a package on the server wont work on 192.168.x.x ip's, it needs a real world ip, hence trying port forwarding.

  • I would drop the dsl router and build a dualwan pfSense. For the public IPs in the DMZ just use a bridged interface. That would make 4 interfaces in the pfSense then: WAN, WAN2, LAN, bridged DMZ.

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