Webgui upgrade on embedded systems

  • Hello,

    I might have missed something, but after 1.2 on embedded systems, the webgui upgrade functionality does no longer work. it give a message in IE7.0 cannot open the website and navigates away.

    Is the case on multiple systems, both wrap and ALIX.

    I really liked the webgui upgrade as it can be done remotely. I've basically done al my upgrades through the different RC's to 1.2 on 5 different embedded systems.

    Anyone having any ideas ??


  • This feature was realy nice for the ALIX/wrap boards…

    Until I certain version (I think it was an early pfSense version 1.0x) it worked always perfect. What changed that the firmware update doesn't work anymore?

    Is this going to be reimplemented later? Sorry, didn't read the upgrade post before.

    Now I have a second ALIX board where I could make some tests with new software.

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