PfblockerNG a little help

  • Hi
    can you guide someone how to use pfblockerNG?
    (the new version of pfblocker) I cannot find the same settings on the new interface what I could in the old
    version. My goal would be the following:

    I would like to limit the ftp access only for a country (eg.: germany) ip ranges.

    How to do this?


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    1/ Create a new alias like this (List Action - Alias Permit, Update Frequency: Weekly):


    • If you are on x86, the path would be /usr/pbi/pfblockerng-i386/share/GeoIP/DE_v4.txt instead.
    • If using IPv6, you can use /usr/pbi/pfblockerng-amd64/share/GeoIP/DE_v6.txt or /usr/pbi/pfblockerng-i386/share/GeoIP/DE_v6.txt as well.

    2/ Use CC_WHITE_DE_V4 alias as source for your FTP firewall rules.

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    Hi klajosh2,

    After creating the Alias as indicated by doktornotor above, you can create a manual Firewall Rule for the WAN and reference this Permit Alias using your FTP Inbound Port settings.

  • I'm setting up a network to help with some training and I've just spent all day trying to figure out how to allow traffic only from the UK to the OpenVPN port.
    Finally figured it out thanks to your screen grab doktornotor  ;D

    pfSense has a bit of steep learning curve for me but I'm getting there. Hopefully the new book will be out soon, I better start saving.
    I've just registered to show my appreciation so I'll extend my thanks to BBCan177, the pfSense team and all contributors to these boards and the wiki.
    Keep up the good work guys, it's certainly appreciated  8)

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