Two WAN interfaces - Route outgoing traffic through only one?

  • I'm in a situation where I have to accept incoming connections from two different ISP's, (WAN1 & WAN2)
    port forward the traffic to the LAN and - here comes the tricky part - make ALL outbound (not sure if that's the right term?)
    go out from WAN1. Reason for this is that all recipients have their own FW's in which they are only accepting
    incoming traffic from the network on which WAN1 is placed.

    I.e the IP's and GW of WAN1 & WAN2 is not in the same net.

    Behind this machine is a mail server, and all incoming traffic is Port Forwarded in.

    Is it possible to make all outbound traffic leave from WAN1,
    even if the original connection came from WAN2?

    I'm truly lost here and are grateful for any help!

  • if you have Squid install, it's normal.

    Squid + Multi Wan = not working
    (it's my current problem)

  • Set-up a firewall rule so any traffic coming from the LAN uses the WAN1 Gateway. I've done this with my DMZ VLAN, all other traffic flows out of a separate interface using the default WAN gateway.

    I've tested this and as soon as I connect to the DMZ with my computer my external IP address changes immediately to the DMZ_WAN address I've set-up from my normal default public IP.

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