Upgrade 2.2 => 2.2.1 IPv6 (over OpenVPN) not working anymore

  • When using Pfsense 2.2 IPv6 over OpenVPN works fine, after the upgrade to 2.2.1 this stops working.
    Can not find any errors or hints in the logging
    Running 386 nanobsd on an Alix board

  • How is your vpn server getting IPV6?  DHCP assigned IPV6 on the WAN?

  • It is assigned by OpenVPN by using the configuration fields "IPv6 Tunnel Network" and "IPv6 Local Network/s"

    The (windows) OpenVPN client is getting the IPv6 address (can ping own IPv6 address)
    Cannot ping6 other local IPv6 subnets hosts (als connected via Pfsense, cannot communicatie with IPv6 hosts\websites on the internet. IPv6 test websites on Internet are failing

    All the above was working in 2.2, and stopped working after the upgrade.

    Already did an netsh inet ipv6 reset on the windows client


  • Thats not really what I'm asking.  The vpn server…  Is it pfsense?

  • I request only an IPv6 prefix (/48) from my ISP (and configure the interfaces with static subnets (/112) and configure hosts in the subnets by using DHCP6

  • The reason I'm asking if pfsense is the server:


    If pfsense is the server and your pfsense is getting IPV6 via DHCP on the WAN you may be affected by this, in which case its not just openvpn - its the pfsense LAN also.

    There is a work around near the bottom of the thread…  I wasn't affected so I haven't tested it myself.

  • Awesome that indeed fixed my issue (see image\screenshot)

    Thank you very much for pointing me to that direction  :)

  • Thats good news for everyone.  Although, the words "work around" anywhere in his original post would have probably helped the masses to find it.

    Glad its working.

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