Vmware doesn't detect the OS

  • Any idea why VMware doesn't automatically detect that FreeBSD is the OS of the pfSense image file when creating a new VM?
    Instead it tells "could not detect which operating system is in the disc image".

    It is easy to overcome, but I am curious.

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    huh?  What image file?  When you create a new VM, you normally setup the guest OS.  Are you trying to just add new VM based upon the disk file (vmdk)?

    What exactly are you doing that you run into this issue?  Are we talking esxi (vsphere) or workstation?  What version 5.5u2? 6?  Other?

  • Thank you.
    I am talking about creating a new VM in VMware (in my case VMware Workstation version 10), from an ISO file downloaded from pfSense site.
    When selecting the ISO file in the new VM wizard, it prints the above message.
    Again, just to clarify, I continue without a problem and select FreeBSD manually, so there is no real issue.
    I was just wondering why it doesn't detect it as FreeBSD (when I install FreeBSD the OS is detected correctly).

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    Again why would you not setup the Guest OS before you even mount an ISO for your install.  I don't normally use workstation, but have always setup the guest OS with how I want to set it up, The OS, the Ram, the Disk size, number of nics, etc. etc. before ever getting to a mount ISO image to install anything.

    I will have to fire up a copy and look to what your doing.  Seems completely backwards to mount a iso before telling the VM host what your going to be doing with this VM your creating.

  • I think we are talking about 2 different flows. I will elaborate on what I am doing:
    I am running a VMware workstation on my Windows machine. This Windows machine is the host.
    I want to setup a pfSense VM for testing. This VM will be the guest.
    To do that, I downloaded the ISO live CD + full installation file from pfSense site.
    I am starting the "new VM" wizard VMware workstation.
    On the first page of the wizard, I can provide the ISO file that will serve as "Installer disc image file (iso):".
    I select that ISO file I downloaded, and VMware tries to identify the OS, but instead if gives that message.
    If I do the same with an ISO file of FreeBSD OS, it does detect FreeBSD.
    I hope that it better explains my flow (I am mounting any ISO manually).

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    Must be definitely a show stopper… Ask vmware guys to add it, perhaps.

  • smither, I'd ignore the issue and set things up by hand and just manually select FreeBSD.  Its not a pfsense problem  though.

    Are you just using this for experimenting and playing around?

  • I am ignoring this issue, and setting it up without an issue.
    I was just curious about it and wondered if anyone has any knowledge about how VMware recognizes the OS of the ISO.

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    And your saying the new VM wizard doesn't allow you to say what the guest OS is?  Dos workstation 10 support freebsd 10.1?  You said you tested it with a freebsd CD, what version was that?  I think pfsense uses a custom sort of install - so yeah its quite possible that detection would never work.

    As dok pointed out this would be a vmware question not a pfsense question.  I don't think pfsense too worried if vmware workstation detects their install to be freebsd 10.1 etc.

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    You simply select "I will install OS later" or something along that. Pick the ISO in the configuration and boot from it. Huge issue.  ::)

    (Screenshots stolen from here.)

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