Routing Between Two VLANs - Potential Issues With Certain Application

  • Hello, all!

    I am preparing to implement a CMS server with educational resources at the school I am working at currently. I just got word from the company supplying us with the CMS (we don't have it yet), that it for some reason is not able to serve content out to clients on different subnets. I am in the process of attempting to get more information about what is behind this limitation.

    Any ideas come to mind whether this can be remedied with some kind of pfSense routing wizardry? I don't know all the ins-and-outs of routing in pfSense, so decided to come here and ask for advice. I haven't gotten into NAT or virtual IPs, and don't even know if they would apply in this situation (doesn't look like virtual IPs are what I had initially thought, and NAT is a concept I've been having trouble wrapping my head around, nor do I even know if it even has a useful application in this situation). Again, I don't have the server in-hand (won't for another few weeks), so am only able to get things set up in hopes that it will work when it arrives, rather than being able to test it right now.


  • Option 1) Get a system that will serve to clients from wherever!

    Option 2) For example you might have:

    WAN: out to public internet

    CMS server on LAN.

    Switch pfSense to hybrid NAT mode (so it will still automatically generate the necessary outbound NAT rules on WAN).
    Add an Outbound NAT rule on LAN to NAT traffic from OPT1 TO pfSense LAN IP

    Now trafic from OPT1 to LAN will look like it comes from when it arrives at the CMS server.

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    That won't help if the system relies on broadcasts to work properly.  Amazing how myopic some software developers are.

  • Thank you for the replies!

    Option 1 isn't possible as the school has already signed a contract with the company, and the reason we initially even considered it was that we were offered a grant to get this specific system.

    Anyway, that'll give me somewhere to start with testing when the server arrives.

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    we were offered a grant to get this specific system.

    Nice gig for them.  I'd like some work like that.

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