Plusnet UK + pfSense + Netgear DG834

  • Just thought I would post today's setup in case it helps anyone else and also to give general positive feedback about the experience.

    As gleaned from other posts the DG834 can be put into 'Modem Only' mode - like this;


    You can then select 'Modem Only' from the pull down list. These are the only settings you need;

    Mux = LLC Based
    VPI = 0
    VCI = 38
    DSL Mode = Auto

    I have read elsewhere that you should connect pfSense to port 1 of the 4 port switch on the DG834 however for me I had left it in port 4 and it worked fine.

    Next I booted pfSense from factory reset, selected / allocated my WAN / LAN ports and configure just the LANIP

    I then navigated into the WebConfig and let the wizard take me through the setup making few changes apart from selecting 'PPPoE' for my WAN connection and entering Plusnets 'adsl network' username and password i.e and your password

    Shortly after applying my settings I could see in the status my static WANIP [which is standard with Plusnet] along with the Plusnet acquired DNS servers as well as a nice green arrow :)

    I have to say the whole thing went very smoothly and worked out of the box with no problems. The only additional tasks that I performed where upgrading the firmware on the CF drive and adding some NAT rules - both of which went just as smoothly.

    Kudos to the pfSense devs and support teams for an amazing distro.

    pfSense ROCKS!

  • When FTTC is available in your area, you can just swap the Netgear for the Openreach modem.

    I run my home setup like that, works great :)

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