Abandon PBI - progress/ETA?!

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    This piece of utter junk that's unable to find its own libraries shipped with the package, that hardlinks dangling symlinks in place of libraries etc. is really absolutely unfit for purpose. Dunno what's the ETA for 2.3 but the time wasted on hacking around broken package format instead of development is enormous. Last thing I'd want to see is having the couple of remaining package maintainers to give up b/c of this.

    :( >:( >:(

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    Cant disagree there

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    So, I had another WTF instance… upgraded an i386 install to amd64 (by accident, apparently there's still absolutely no check/confirmation anywhere, sigh). All went well except for the WTF moment and manual hard reset required. Now, some packages reinstalled. Couple of days later, I thought to use nmap. Hmmm. This idiotic PBI thing picked up an i386 stale libpcre.so.3 (mind you - it ships its own bundled PCRE) and refused to do anything.

    Incredible garbage.

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