Bacula configuration setting issues

  • i am wondering about the logic for the settings of bacula-client (using 7.0.5 pkg v 1.0.7). On a client i cant imagine there will be a local director as currently required. In most cases you will have to setup a local bacula-fd with its own name and password for this particular host and connecting to a remote Director. Also the automatic suffixes for the monitoring and director names was not very helpfull for me.

    I made some changes regarding these issues. I added a field for a filedirector name in the Filedirector Screen and removed the automatic name extensions+local director type in the directors screen
    My resulting bacula-fd looks now like this:

    Director {
    Name = NAS-dir # Director on NAS
    Password = ""
    Director {
    Name = NAS-mon #Monitor on NAS
    Password = "
    Monitor = yes
    Messages {
    Name = Standard
    director  = NAS-dir = all, !skipped, !restored
    FileDaemon {
    Name = pfsense1-fd
    FDport = 9102
    WorkingDirectory = /var/db/bacula
    Pid Directory = /var/run
    Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20

    My version you can find on If desired, i can raise a pull request for this.


  • Your are right, I want to understand the logic was to build the app into pfsense, don't know the idea to have a local director.
    Once u setup bacula with this requirement, my bacula director is not able to grab the backup from pfsense, I got the error:

    '26-Oct 10:13 bacula-dir JobId 33027: Start Backup JobId 33027, Job=MBX-PFSENSEMBX.2015-10-26_10.13.05_53
    26-Oct 10:13 bacula-dir JobId 33027: Using Device "FileStorage"
    26-Oct 10:13 bacula-fd JobId 33027: Fatal error: Authorization key rejected by Storage daemon.
    Please see for help.
    26-Oct 10:13 bacula-dir JobId 33027: Fatal error: Bad response to Storage command: wanted 2000 OK storage
    , got 2902 Bad storage'

    Did u get the same error message?

    Your fix is working?


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