Compiling drivers on installed pfSense

  • Hi kids

    I've just recently set up and installed pfSense on a new server, which as it turns out uses a rubbish on-board ethernet NIC.
    We've got another two PCI slots so I'm using those plus also I'm getting a PCI-Express network card from Intel tomorrow to make our holy trinity.

    I believe that the card (Intel PRO/1000 PT) is supported out of the box in BSD, but in case it's not, how can I compile and install the drivers from Intel on the running firewall?

    I had a quick poke about in the shell but there're no available tools installed.

    Any suggestions?

    Sorry if this a a repeat of another question!

  • For things like that you need the developers edition or you can install the developers package. Both should give you the additional commandline kungfu.

  • Whatever happened to the developers package?

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