RRD Graphs in Bridged Mode?

  • Hello all,

    I've followed the HOWTO at Trendchiller for Transparent bridged mode and everything is working fine so far.

    However, my RRD WAN Graphsaren't displaying traffic properly. It's almost as if they are picking up SOME traffic, but not all. It's almost as if it is picking up all INBOUND traffic, but only some outbound traffic.

    We have a streaming application that pulls stock prices in and sends them back out to clients. I can see the steady stream of inbound traffic from our data provider, but I only see occasional outbound spikes.

    I have asked a few people to download a 650MB .iso file to see if that traffic registers. We're on a 100Mbps link so it should register with a HUGE difference.

    Any ideas?

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