Charon: 06[JOB] deleting half open IKE_SA after timeout

  • Good evening,

    I have set up VPN per this document -

    Like others I am hoping to get my Windows 8.1 Phone working but it isn't working and I am seeing the error regarding half open connections.

    I read around so I shall mention I do not have multi-WAN but I do have two proxy ARP VIPs, although the VPN isn't trying to use the VIP addresses. Only NAT rules are for email related ports for said VIPs, and the default rules created by the IPsec configuration - no further configuration of NAT done by myself.

    The only other changes made from the documentation setup are:

    "Set NAT Traversal to Auto" - I do not see this in pfSense 2.2.1, unless I am being daft?

    Enabled MOBIKE - didn't seem to make a difference, but possibly a new feature of 2.2.1 not covered by guide? -

    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

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