Tunnelbroker.net always needed for IPv6?

  • Is a service like Tunnelbroker.net always needed to get IPv6 to work?
    I already have some IPv6 addresses referring to my server. But can't figure out how to configure it.
    IS there a way to get it to work without a 3rd party service?

  • Yes - If you have IPV6 available on the WAN, contact your ISP and ask fro settings.

  • If they are not helpful, there are some options you could try some things, basically you should not be able to break anything. In my experience, most IPv4 PPPoE links work with DHCPv6 and 'Use IPv4 connectivity as parent interface' in the DHCP options.
    In Europe, most providers delegate a /56 prefix. Older might have a /48; but some (mostly in the US it seems) have only a /64

  • Time Warner Cable will delegate you a /64 by default. But if you send a /56 prefix hint they will give you a /56.

  • Ditto for Comcast.

    EDIT: Sorry, it's actually just a /60 for Comcast.