Anyone used IMUNES (or similar) for network testing?


    I was going to try IMUNES out this weekend to test out some traffic-shaping scenarios.

    Anyone have experience with it or any other network simulation/emulation setups?
    Preferrably (Free)BSD based.
    I tried to understand ns2 and ns3 but … wow, complicated barely begins to describe it.

    A virtual network might be an option but it seems like overkill.

    Any information will be appreciated. :)

  • Ok, I have been playing with IMUNES for 30 minutes now, and it is awesome. :)  ;D

    Load the *.ova file into virtualbox, boot it, open an example IMUNES file, then execute the simulation/experiment and bam… dozens of virtualized FreeBSD router/switch/host/etc nodes, each with an easily accessed terminals. You can easily set the link speeds, link error rates, etc.

    There is surely tons of other useful features.

    IMUNES is very cool. Try it out. :)

  • If you usually use Linux you can now run it on Linux without the VM. It uses Docker and Open vSwitch as core components:

  • My only complaint was that the default kernel did not have ALTQ enabled.

    I should really figure that out…