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    I've been reading a bit on a another similar solution called Sophos and I wanted to know things between itself and pfSense…

    Are they competitors or complements to each other?
    Can they work together or should they work separate?
    What does one have that the other doesn't?


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    Wow, nothing? I though there would be some kind of response, even if negative!

  • Seems like its primarily for-sale software with a bit of a stripped down version available for free.

    I don't think they can be compared unless pfsense starts charging for basic features.

  • might be okay to play with if you can stay under 50 ip's (ipv4 and ipv6 combined )not sure how any geek could really do that

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    I used Astaro/Sophos at home for a couple or three years.

    It, like pfSense, takes some getting used to and networking knowledge to make work.

    It's URL filtering and Antivirus are an integrated part of the product, and is free to license for home users (or at least it used to be).  If that is important to you, it might be worth a look.

    Its hardware requirements are larger.  If you like a more modern GUI, that might be for you, but it's very, very javascript-heavy.  I don't think it'll run on a serial console node, and to run it in a business setting is not cheap.

    It's Linux/iptables not FreeBSD/pf.

    The 50 local IP address limit is probably going to be enough for most home users.  It used to be 10.  I was one of the people squawking loudly and they eventually upped it to 50.  Never came close to the state limit.

    I can't remember why I switched back to pfSense, to tell you the truth.  Probably the less expensive (!) licensing for businesses.

    Sophos UTM is a solid product.  Or at least it was since about the time Sophos bought Astaro.  Haven't looked at it much since.