Traffic logged on two default queues

  • I have one WAN and one LAN interface. On the LAN interface I just have generic (untagged) home network traffic and a VLAN. It's directly connected to an AP spitting out two SSID's - one with no VLAN tagging and one with the guest network running on VLAN 50. This setup works fine.

    My issue is with traffic shaping. I created a default "qLANDownload" for the LAN and "qOPT1Download" for VLAN 50 (OPT1). No floating rules (yet)

    qLANDownload m2 is set to 30mbps.
    qOPT1Download m2 is set to 12mbps.

    OK Great, I can download on the guest network at 12mbps, BUT the qLANDownload default queue is also detecting this traffic when I view the queue bandwidth. Why would this traffic appear in two default queues at once?

    I have a hard time grasping how traffic shaping works. I've read most of the documentation I could find, including a few YouTube videos, but clearly there is something I am missing. On Mikrotik it was fairly straightforward (just saying that as I have configured traffic shaping before, not saying they are better).

    I do not have anything setup on the WAN interface yet. I've been playing around for a few days with this and haven't gotten very far, so I scrapped it and started over.

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