PfSense + LCDProc packages dev or not + 20x4 LCD SureElec = not working

  • Ok I feel dumb now.

    I have tried so many things/options to get  a 20x4 USB SureElec LCD working on pfsense, its driving me crazy.

    I have tried adding a LCDd.conf file, tried all usb ports, all connection type, no go.

    Obviously, at that point I need a step by step 101 guide for dummies.

    ANY HELP is welcomed.

    EDIT: My service is not starting. Not certain where to cheeck for logs/troubleshoot at that point. Thanks

  • I got the service running, I now know my sure lcd is edition 3, but still nothing displays on thee lcd other then the default sure message.

  • Did you get it working? I'm having the same issue with same lcd

  • Actually I got it working. I had to pick USB com port 1 and driver sureElec. Then i had to go to  /usr/local/pkg/ and change localhost

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