StrongSwan DHCP plugin for access control

  • I've successfully configured an IPsec server with Mobile Client Support enabled. At the moment IP addresses are deployed using an Virtual Address Pool. I want achieve that clients get there IPs from a DHCP server that is listening for example on the Interface OPT1. I studied the strongSwan wiki and found a possible solution. There is an plugin called "dhcp" with which DHCP requests can be redirected to an other DHCP server. My problem according to the output from "ipsec statusall" is that this plugin isn't loaded. I need this for access control. I want that some IPsec client have Internet access some others not.
    Is there a way to load this plugin or are there some other ways to achieve this?


  • It needs to be ported to FreeBSD first.
    After that is quite striaght forward.
    It is on the TODO but not there yet.

  • Thanks for the answer. Is it possible to say until when this feature is implemented?

  • Whats the status about this?

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