XenServer + PfSense 2.2 + NAt = Doesn't work, at least on same host

  • Hi.
    I'm having a strange problem that i don't know how to solve. This is what I have:

    -4x HP DL380 g8 Servers with 4 network cards each
    -A pool of XenServer 6.5 with all these 4 servers
    -The ntwork is configured with bound. So those 4 cards in each server become 2 on each server (0+1 and 2+3), so let's call "bond 0" and "bond 1"
    -A windows 'client' machine running in the same VLAN as pfSense (in my case, vlan 230 for LAN)
    -A pfSense VM with LAN on VLANID 230 and WAN on VLAN ID 200

    This is the result:

    • Client + pfSense on the same host and with the same network card (bond 0) = I can ping hosts, but doesn't navigate at all
    • Client in one host + pfsense on another host, but in the same bond network (bond 0) = I can ping and I can navigate trought bronwer without any problem
    • Client + pfsense on the same host, but with different network cards ('bond 0' for pfSense and 'bond 1' for client, but in the same VLAN ID for LAN) = I can ping and I can navigate, everything works fine

    If I don't use bonded network, just nertwork cards itself, the problem is the same. Looks like if output from VM's are in the same physical card (or group of cards, in this case, 'bond 0'), the clien't can't navigate. If I use different physical cards, it just works.

    Any ideas?

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