• Hey guys,

    When I recently tried to connect some low-level computing hardware to my APU's GPIO port, I ran into the following problem: pfSense (2.2.1-RELEASE) doesn't seem to have any GPIO drivers built-in. I therefore started to search the web for a solution but only found few hints on how to control some of the APU's leds.

    Is there a GPIO driver that could be installed? How could this be done? If there isn't, is it possible to write one and then load it onto the APU? Are there any constraints to be aware of? (Is the "sys/dev/gpio" directory important? -> Couldn't find it…)

    PC Engines supplied materials on the APU's GPIO here (Linux driver, NCT5104D datasheet,…).

    Thanks in advance for any support provided!

  • Netgate Administrator

    As far as I know the existing driver(s) only add support for the leds and reset switch. No other gpios. You would have to modify the driver or probe the gpios directly.