PFSense Optimized for Netgate HW?

  • Hi

    I understand that an optimised version of PFSense is installed on the hardware purchased from the pfsense store.

    Is there any way to get that version for the same hardware purchased from the netgate store?

    I pre-ordered the RCC-VE 4860 System from Netgate as I didn't see it on the pfsense store at the time, but would prefer to get/use the optimized version

    Unless Netgate will allow to swap or upgrade or cancel the order?


  • afaik the Netgate RCC-VE 4860 System is only shipped with centOS.
    so i doubt there is a optimized version of pfSense for it unless they'll decide to ship it with pfsense & support at some point in time.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    @iculookn - Since the devices are still pre-order and have not shipped, you may wish to cancel your order and resubmit it via the pfSense store instead. You can contact the sales team using

    The devices from Netgate are not intended to be run as firewalls, but general purpose computers, hence them being shipped with CentOS preloaded.

    It's non-trivial to load pfSense on those boxes, so if you want to be up and running fast (and with support), you're better off getting the pfSense store version.

  • ok thanks, I have emailed them to see what I can do