Send email reports [Solved]

  • I would like to mail reports from my pfsense installation but "mail" is not installed
    what would be the best way to send these reports, it would be nice to have some encryption, but the contents are not sensitive information.
    It is a hard disk install, should I just get and compile mail?

    in more detail (not really):

    I installed the snort package.  As nice as the alerts are, I would like to have the packet information as well.
    So I would like to set up a nightly job for snort to dump the contents of the logfiles into human readable text.
    After cleaning up the file (remove old entries, can snort rotate logs daily?) I would like to send it off to myself to go through.  Remote syslogging at the time is not an option (how I would love to have another machine to 'play' with…)

    EDIT: Whoops! It appears that I suck at searching. I finally found something to suit me needs. I'll try nullmailer, and if that doesn't work I'll find something else.

  • hi !

    you can try ssmtp… work for me !

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