• Is it possible to make a feature that make the 3G PPP interface auto re-initalise when it goes offline/down, i have had some problems with the interface goes down and wont come up again until i have made a save/apply on the GUI, the same thing happens if the router have been out of 3G range.


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  • I have a similar problem.

    When my IP changes my 4G modem gets the new IP and sends me a notification and then after some time (few minutes to 30 min) line goes down and I have to manually use Status - Interfaces - PPP connect to get the line back up.

    This is quite annoying when you're traveling and wanted to get VPN connection back home.


  • I made a "temp fix" of this by adding the cron package snd setting up a cronjob that runs the rc.intrefaces_opt_configure evry 30 min.

  • Thanks for the idea, I gotta try that (but use /etc/rc.interfaces_wan_configure instead)

  • Any good?

    Problem with mobile net connections, is the isp cache the communications/reduce graphics so you have lots of latency which means until you lose your connection, you dont really know if what you send out gets received by the cell mast before being sent out to the wider world or not.

    However if you are losing your net connection so you get a new IP address the above might link work for you.

    An alternative test is to get a ntp check more frequently as its unlike an ISP will cache NTP packets, as they tend to cache popular web pages and can "cache" ping tests to create the illusion of being online and connected. Bear in mind the internet bottlenecks might be further upstream in the mobile ISP's network and not bottlenecking at the cell mast you are connected to.

    Have you also tried forcing your dongle to connect to other cell masts in the area if any exist? Its something you may or may not be able to do depending on your skillset, but if you know you get a weaker signal which equates to a slower connection to a cell mast further away but has no other users on it, then sometimes you can get better net access & reliability. However I should qualify this with, firstly the cell mast operator usually run their own traffic management software to do this function for you and it may be illegal to override the cell mast traffic management software in your country.

  • I don't think that my problem is that my ISP is throttling my connection but the pfSense's handling of the new IP address.

    I'll remove the cron hack and apply that "kill all humans states" -change and report back when my IP address changes again, it may take quite long, though.

  • You might be able to speed up the testing by enclosing the dongle in some metal to block the signal and force a dropped connection, perhaps a large biscuit or cake tin would be suitable, might mean a trip to a supermarket though.  ;)

  • There has never been a problem when the dongle loses and later finds the signal (other than that I have to manually reconnect because pfSense doesn't do that automatically).

    My problem only exists when my ISP decides it's time to change the IP.