• Hi,

    Old linux router I just added 'route add -net netmask gw' and it worked.

    I have openvpn AS server on IP adress
    I have setup a gateway pointing to
    Setup a route to using that gateway

    I can connect to the server from my devices and I can ping the default vpn gateway but I can't access anything on my net.

    Destination        Gateway            Flags      Netif Expire
    default         UGS         em0      UGS         em1      00:0c:29:9c:d1:1e  UHS         em0      00:0c:29:9c:d1:1e  UHS         em0    link#1             U           em0     link#1             UHS         lo0          link#5             UH          lo0    link#2             U           em1      link#2             UHS         lo0

    To me it looks like it should work

    My PFsense box has the same network setup as my old system


  • Sorry but no one has any idea why this doesn't work ?