• I did the install and set up wan and lan and it's time to set up the webconfig from the laptop but everytime I type in the default username and password and hit login it like refreshes and ask for the login info again? What did I do wrong?

  • Hi,
    You have several options.
    The first is : wipe browser cache.
    Another one is : use another browser.
    Yet another one : keyboard mapping is ok ?

    Your sure about the default user and password ? (I guess it was admin & pfsense (it was in 2009 ;) ))

  • I have not tried wiping the browser cache, however I tried a different brower and I even tried a different laptop and it still did the same I used admin and pfsense as login/pass and when I hit login it's like the page refreshes the page and clears my input and stays on the same page and I can't get any further

  • I advise you to re-install pfSense.