Mitel Teleworkers and PFSense multiwan

  • We are currently having issues with Teleworkers and a Mitel 5000 system not getting audio ( or sporadic audio) from our internal system I'm thinking it is switching from one gateway to the next so I actually removed the Load Balancing  and failover and left the T1 portion of our GW to just service the phones and Data is routed to a separate GW. I changed the default GW (under rules) to use the T1 and this seems to have made things worse and changed it back to the Default ( which is our data GW). If someone could point me in the right direction or give me some hints I'd appreciate it.

  • show logs/graphs/gw config/firewall rules/ …

    with nothing to go on, it'll be hard to find the cause

  • If you are telling me to show all rules and logs I can do that, but would rather not post them on the forum.
    I did look at the logs and haven't seen anything out of place but I will look into it more.

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