Port Fwd with DynDNS or VPN for remote access?

  • I have several services I use at my house that I want remote access too (CouchPotato, Remote controls, IPcameras, etc.) with guides that typically suggest access through port forwarding and using some dns service provider.  Is this truly the best way or would setting up VPN on my router and connecting to it be more secure / safer?  My big issue is the IP cameras, I don't feel comfortable just forwarding a port and getting access to them.

    Any recommendations on a good remote access setup?

  • I would setup a VPN server.

  • Will I need to manage any traffic/ports if I use VPN?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you use OpenVPN, just the inbound port for your server on WAN (UDP/1194 by default).

    Then you must set firewall rules on the OpenVPN tab, which governs what connections from VPN clients the firewall will allow into it, but for a personal remote access firewall it's probably safe to just set it to IPv4 any.

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