• Hello,

    is it possible to show internet users an automated message if my gateway / internet is down?

    For example if my Ziggo modem (gateway) is down, this triggers something within pfSense to redirect ALL web traffic to one of my web servers, which shows the users a message that the internet connection is down (plain text / html site).

    Does anyone know if this is possible and how to create such thing?

  • I do have one idea for this –--- However if PFSense misdetects your Internet being down, it will take the Internet down. I don't think PFSense will let you do this from the web interface. If you google, there is probably a way to do it from the command line with PFSense.

    What you could do though is to have a gateway group. The Tier 1 will be your current Internet connection. Tier 2 will be a Linux box (You could probably run Apache on this to serve the webpages up as well). Anyway, on that gateway, you can have it redirect everything on port 80 to a specific host. See http://serverfault.com/questions/586486/how-to-do-the-port-forwarding-from-one-ip-to-another-ip-in-same-network for more details.

  • Hello MLIT,
    You're idea sounds good, I am trying to make it work right now! ;)

    I also thought of making a script which pings to an always "on address" (like Google DNS), and if that fails, add an NAT rule to redirect all traffic to my webserver.
    The only problem whith this solution is that I don't know how to create or delete a NAT rule from command line / script  :(
    (See also: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=91204.0)

    Anyone know a way to accomplish this?

  • Anyone?

  • If you have an extra NIC, then you won't have to do anything with the command line –-- Just setup a second "gateway" on WAN2. Have it point to your Linux server. The linux server will use IPTables to redirect all traffic on port 80 to itself and just drop everything else (Okay, have it respond to ICMP so PFSense thinks the gateway is up).

    Then if you have a failure on the WAN, PFSense will automatically failover to the "second" WAN which is really your linux server to let people know the Internet is down.

  • Try it out with scripts, I think it would be better to do so!
    The first script is checking the WAN connection and if this is down it send an
    alert over the broadcast to every PC that the Internet is down.

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    Am I just weird… or??? Everyone will notice that internet is down. Why do they need a special message telling them the absolutely obvious fact?