• Can someone explain what the text below the Alias rule description means?

    When using 'Alias' rules, change (pfB_) to ( pfb_ ) in the beginning of rule description and Use the 'Exact' spelling of the Alias (no trailing Whitespace)  Custom 'Alias' rules with 'pfB_ xxx' description will be removed by package if using Auto Rule Creation.
    Tip: You can create the Auto Rules and remove "auto rule" from the Rule Descriptions, then disable Auto Rules. This method will 'KEEP' these rules from being 'Deleted' which will allow editing for a Custom Alias Configuration

    I have created an Alias from an IP list (using Alias Native) I then created a firewall rule based on that Alias and everything appears to be working correctly. I did not include pfB_ or pfb_ in the rule description at all, will this cause me problems down the line?

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    Yeah, it will make the alerts/counters not work since there is nothing to match against.